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Meet Weikei aka Sue Ip

Sue IP

“Hi there and thank you for taking the time to read about me and what I can offer you.

I’m Sue, also known by my Chinese name as Weikei.

I am passionate about the power of touch and became a Holistic Massage Therapist to create an intuitive experience to nurture our bodies, minds and soul.

Having been a School Teacher and Designer, I believe in the importance of creating, a good work life balance, in everyday life, eventhou sometimes it doesn’t always happen. But hey, that’s just being human… we can’t be perfect all the time.

I have an intuitive, holistic approach to my therapies and personalise them, to meet each persons needs in the moment. I work towards deep relaxation, as I feel this has the most long term benefits for the body and mind.

I believe that massage should not be a luxury, because it is essential in our well-being. It helps us to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

It’s so much more – it nourishes our heart, focus, relaxation, energise, our sense of trust and self confidence, reconnects us with who we are.

And not forgetting, you don’t need to do anything, but just be there and enjoy the treatment and being pampered.

How amazing is that.”

My Journey...

* Creative at heart and got a BA (Hons) in Three Dimensional Design in 1998
* Teacher trained – PGCE in Post-compulsory Education – 2004
* 2009 achieved a Foundation Certificate in Complimentary Health Studies – included: Aromatherapy; Shiatsu; Nutrition; Chi Kung; Healing with Sounds; Herbal Medicine; On-Site Massage; Holistic Medicine (East meets West); Reiki with crystals; Working with crystals
* Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 – Usui System of Natural Healing in 2009 & 2010
* In 2011, became a qualified Massage Therapist and achieved my ITEC QFC Level 3 Diploma in Massage with Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology. Trained at Inspired Massage Workshops, London with an amazing teacher, Annalisa Zisman
* On-Site Seated Massage, 2012
* Hands Free Massage, 2012
* Table Thai Massage, 2012
* Employed Massage Therapist with Pure Massage, London Trained with Beata Aleksandrowicz in her specialised beautiful Pure Massage Advanced Body certification – 2012.
* Studied and trained in Traditional Thai Massage in Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand in 2013
* Experience twice – a ‘Day in the Dissection Lab’, ran by Jane Johnson, London in 2012/14
* Studied and trained, again has she loved it so much, in Traditional Thai Foot Massage in Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand in 2014
* Pregnancy Massage/Abdominal and Full Body Diploma in 2015
* Manual Lymphatic Drainage Accredited Diploma in 2015
* Specialised Massage in Schools trained and qualified MISA Instructor in 2015
* Korean Hand Reflexology trained with Wan-Hye Park, a pioneer of this technique in 2016
* Best Practice Award in 2017, for outstanding achievement using Story Massage with the school she is employed – children with special needs, visually & hearing impaired and PMLD
* Tui Na Chinese Massage Diploma in 2017
* Myofascial Release Diploma in 2017

*Laughter Facilitator trained in 2018

*Pulsing Rhymtic Bodyworker in 2018

*Ongoing training in Pyschic and Spiritual learning and development.

* Presently training for a Healing Diploma at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London

* Dedicated to enhancing her ability to help and heal people, Sue commits herself to ongoing professional training, education and wellbeing.

* At present she also works has the Massage Therapist at a specialist school for children with complex behavioural, autism, visual & hearing impairment, and profound multiple learning disabilities. Aged 3 to 19 year

* She also creatively handmakes unique crochet amigurumi and enjoys up recycling items. You can see some of her work on Facebook or Instagram. Just look for ‘Weikei Crafts’

Sue Ip
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