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Weikei Signature Treatment
60mins, 90mins, 120mins   (£65, £75, £90) 

*see end of page for gift vouchers, special offer prices and financial rate*

This is my Signature Treatment, which all my regular clients know me for. This treatment uses a combination of everything I have learned from Deep Tissue, Classic Swedish, TuiNa, Myofascial, Reboza, Pulsing, Thai and Reiki. The treatment is especially catered to your depth of pressure, specific areas and relaxation. It is purposeful and every touch is intentional.

Weiki Signature
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Traditional Thai Massage (Wat Po)
60mins, 90mins, 120mins   (£65, £75, £90)

If you have been to Thailand and experienced a true Traditional Thai Massage it is often called ‘Yoga for Lazy People’ or ‘Thai Yoga Massage’. It is an ancient healing system that combines acupressure points and assisted yoga postures. In Thai Massage, the flow of our energy is represented through a series of channels around the body called SEN lines. When working on these SEN lines we can help to assist the body’s flow of energy to create balance and harmony.

In this treatment I focus on SEN lines and acupressure points to suit your needs. It is performed on a futon mat on the floor and through loose comfortable clothes. The massage can also be enhanced by combining it with the classic Tiger balm oil to help release further specific tensions in your muscles.

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Traditional Thai Foot Treatment
60mins (£60)

Give your feet a rest and pampering. Try out this foot massage to release tension. Similar to Reflexology, my treatment is based from my learnings in Wat Po and the many street massages in Thailand.

Working along the principle that every organ and parts of the body have corresponding points or zone in the feet. Pressure is applied to each pressure point in the feet.

There will be a ritual of cleaning the feet, towel wrapping and the experience of the ‘Thai Stick’. This treatment can be performed on a chair or on a massage couch.

Optional – authentic tiger balm from Thailand is used. Gives it that extra kick.

Thai Foot Treatment
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Korean Hand Massage
30mins, 60mins   (£40, £50)

This is an amazing treatment – very simple, effective and convenient. It can be done as part of an additional treatment,  or can be a separate treatment on its on.

The convenient is the treatment is performed through the hands. In Korean Hand Massage the entire body can be mapped out on the hands. It incorporates the concept of acupressure points on the hand that connects to various associated areas on the body.

Some benefits are –

  • Helps to prevent conditions such as RSI
  • Reduces stiffness and increases flexibility
  • A simple alternative to feet reflexology, or if body concious and new to massage
  • Helps to improve muscular and circulatory conditions
  • Deeply relaxing

It is safe and can be effectively applied by all ages for both acute and chronic pain problems. We use our hands so much on a daily basis, why not treat them to a bit of pampering.

Korean Hand Massage
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Reiki Healing
60mins, 90mins   (£60, £75)

‘Reiki’ means ‘universal life energy’. The therapy has its origins in Japan and is based on the premise that illness is caused by disruption in the body’s energy field or life force.
Reiki is a form of non-invasive energy healing and will help to adjust itself to create the most appropriate effect for each individual person.

In this treatment I use a combination of light and non touch to assess what is required.

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Pulsing  Rhythmic Bodywork

75mins (£65)

Pulsing is a rhythmic bodywork where the body is rocked in a soft rhythm movement. Lifts and stretches to limbs are also incorporated in the treatment which is received clothed.

It is a beautiful treatment for your body, mind and soul.

The rhythmic rocking movements create a sense of freedom that is nurturing and revitalising. The stretching opens up a tense body, creating a sense of lightness and freedom.

There are many physical, mental and emotional benefits in Pulsing:

Deep relaxation and revitalisation
Releases physical, psychological and emotional stress
Improves bodily flexibility, balance and co-ordination     

Helps you increase your sensitivity to your body
Promotes movement and mobility
Allows you to rediscover your natural rhythms
Nurturing and supportive
Stimulates energy, fun and aliveness

A Pulsing session can be delivered  in different styles, according to what you need: the emphasis may be on deep relaxation, mobility, energy or emotional healing.

Whichever you decide, you are sure to have a deeply unique experience.

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Massage for Children with Special Needs

(Contact Sue for a conversation)

I am presently working at a school with children with special needs – challenging behavioural, autism, visual & hearing impairment, profound multiple learning disabilities. Aged 3 to 19 years.

I was awarded ‘Best Practice Award’ in June 2017 for the Story Massages I include in the Massage therapy I do for the children. 
Click onto this link to read further what I do –

I love building on the connection, trust and the obvious muscle toning, posture and less tactile sensitivity with the children. Ranging from multiple sensory impairment, autism, profound multiple complex learning disabilities aged from 3 to 19 years.

Please call to enquire further information if you are a parent and would like to know more how you can build positive touch and joyful relationship with your child.


Packages & Gift Vouchers

I offer the following standard packages –

1. Re-book on the day of session for £50 (save £15)
2. Holistic Massage Package x3 60mins sessions for £145 (save £50)
3. Holistic Massage Package x5 60mins sessions for £225 (save £100)
4. Recommend a friend and both get the 
‘My friend discount’ at £45 for this session.
5. Gift vouchers – £60 (60mins) and £75 (90mins), or Holistic Massage Packages

Note: keep posted on my Facebook page for special promotional offers.

Note – 2, 3 & 5 validated for 3 or 6 months from date of purchase. Payments for packages via BACS in advance.

To book/payment – please email me at

I know I have to make a living, but I believe in the importances and accessibility for everyone to get self care for their physical & mental wellbeing.

If you are struggling or have the courage to ask for help, or if you know someone could benefit from what I can offer, please send me an email explaining your circumstances.

I do offer financial discount rates. Let me know what you can afford and we can make something work.

Thanks for scrolling to the end of this page and look forward to hearing from.

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